What We Do

Linday Aesthetic Consulting focuses on being a creative, innovative, and strategic resource for the medical aesthetic industry. We offer clinical education, practice development consulting, branding, social media/engagement marketing, and print/digital design consulting services to medical and aesthetic companies, practices and individual proprietors.



Linday Aesthetic Consulting performs needs assessments using surveys, interviews, and on-site observation to gather comprehensive details.


We identify the appropriate technology, training, and processes to build your team and take your business to the next level.


We oversee all implemented processes from inception to completion.


Flexibility and attention to detail in conjunction with efficient time management are paramount to accuracy allowing for on-time completion of projects.

Practice Areas
  • Clinical Education

  • Sales Training

  • Case Studies

  • Market/Competitor Analysis

  • Business/Practice Development

  • Social Media/Engagement Marketing

  • Trade Show Engagement Marketing

  • Protocol Development

  • Graphic Design consulting – Print and Digital

  • One-on-one Mentoring for Future Professionals and New Aestheticians

  • Facilitation of Clinical Education Seminars
    - National/international 

  • Workshop Facilitator/ Industry Speaker/Presenter at Tradeshows and Events

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  • One-on-one mentoring

  • Recruiting, screening, hiring, and training of new sales staff

  • Content development for product training

  • Ingredient Analysis

  • Webinar Development

  • Product launch and marketing campaign consultations

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