Tiffany J. Hirsh


Focused and action-oriented, Brenda creates clear, relevant, and accurate, resources and educational materials that make a difference. I have witnessed great success, to practices, practitioners, and consultants, as a result of her work. Her passion for Aesthetic Education and her wealth of knowledge shines through.

Janet St Pierre

The Perfect Derma Peel by Bella Medical Products, LLC

Brenda has a great sense of leadership, understands the business and works hard to elevate the people reporting to her.

Meg Bacon

Health Information Management

Working with Brenda is a joy - she has a wealth of education and experience to share and does so with professionalism and kindness. Brenda is an expert who is a natural mentor to all who meet her!

Neva Fernandez

NEVA Face & Body Day Spas

I had the great honor to be educated and trained by the great Brenda Linday! Her dedication, wealth of knowledge and passion for the product made her easy and enjoyable to work for throughout the four years of my association with PCA Skin. She was always readily available to me and the Aesthetic Schools in San Antonio, TX. Brenda's expertise and passion empowers her students and encourages her colleagues to be the best educators in the industry!

Pamela Aslin-Dreyer LME, LI

Director of Education
Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics Institute

I had the pleasure of working with and being trained by Brenda while with PCA Skin as School Representative. Brenda is a gifted leader and educator. She is readily available to those she supervises and makes the members of her” team” feel valued and respected. Her organizational skills are unparalleled, and her ability to multi-task and do it in an effective organized manner is amazing! It would be my pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to work with Brenda in some capacity in the future.

Molly Bell

Senior Director of Customer Care

Go Daddy

I have had the pleasure of working with Brenda and her team for over three years. Brenda brings an amazing work ethic, dedication and customer focus to the table that are unmatched by most. Her management skills allow her to coach and develop her team while building the future of the department by managing multiple projects. Brenda is a team player that you can always count on to focus on the best interest of the company and the customer.

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